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Westwood Kennels Information:

Westwood Kennels is a working German Shepherd kennel and is owned and operated by Nancy Rhynard. West Wood Kennels is located in Central Ohio and has been in operation for the sum of 25 years. Nancy was born in Ohio and has been a life long resident. She has two children a 13 year old girl and a 9 year old boy. Her daughter possibly maybe following in Nancy’s footstep and she is active with the dogs.

Nancy has a Masters Degree in Animal Nutrition and is currently employed in the Animal Sciences Department at Ohio State University.

Nancy has had many dogs compete in Schutzhund competitions including the Schutzhund USA National Schutzhund Championships. Nancy also provides Police Departments with service dogs. In the year 2001 Nancy was privileged to be invited to the Policia Kennels located in Slovakia. As far as we know she is the only American Citizen not only be invited to the Policia Kennels, but also given an extensive tour of the facility and dogs by head breeder Peter Mazur.

Nancy has a vast knowledge  of and experience in, breeding and resulting genetics. In Nancy’s breeding program she uses over 20 years of experience and relies heavily on her knowledge of genetics. Nancy has a thorough knowledge of all the old and current Czech, Slovak, and DDR (East German) pedigrees. In fact she knows these bloodlines like the proverbial "back of her hand”.

For the hard to breed females Nancy is accustomed to using techniques such as artificial insemination. Nancy has produced many litters using this method and the resulting puppies were strong and healthy.

Westwood Kennels specializes in breeding, importing, and training of the working type German Shepherd Dog. Nancy has established a breeding program to produce healthy, genetically correct, and strong German Shepherd Dogs that are specifically suited for Police Service, Military, Sport, Family Protection, and Property Security dogs.

During these days of American Showline breeders have bred out the working drives of German Shepherd Dogs for confirmation; Nancy has dedicated herself to the breeding and maintaining the bloodlines of the true working German Shepherd Dog.


Westwood Kennels

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Nancy Rhynard Westwood E & C LLC

Nancy Rhynard
Westwood E & C LLC
4355 Langton Road
Hilliard, OH 43026
Phone (614) 876-2296
Fax (614) 876-9812


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